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MoMA R&D Salon 29, Dependency Nov 27, 2018

I was invited by MoMA to participate Salon 29 on Dependency on November 27th. Was a fantastic evening with remarkable speakers. The many facets of dependency were explored including dependent relationships, nations and of course dependency on drugs. The “Purdue Spoon” was discussed and my short video was part of the presentation. Brief summary of the Salon is below and a link to the MoMA R&D Salon 29

Dependency, whether psychological, political, chemical, territorial, or biological, is at its core an issue of power, control, and communication. In the human sphere, dependency is rarely a serene and balanced circumstance. Rather, it often simmers in tension and can explode in outright tragedy. Prompted by many dependency-based current emergencies––from the opioid crisis to the environmental havoc and the migration upheaval––we felt it was important to discuss addictions and hierarchies between humans; between humans and substances, environments, and behaviors; as well as between communities and nations. In a society formed around often uneven power structures, we examined if and how individuals, and even groups or nations, can remain independent, secure, and stable.