Socially Engaged Art and Activism are crucial elements of Domenic’s work. A relentless dedication to exposing and bringing justice to the entities behind the opioid crisis fuels this branch of the practice. It is a vital practice, conforonting head-on the horror of the opioid crisis which has touched countless families, including the artist’s own.

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2019 – Ongoing

The Opioid Spoon Project



In the first iteration of the Opioid Spoon Project, Esposito guerrilla-installed a 10ft steel sculpture of a bent, burned spoon outside the main entrance of Purdue Pharmaceuticals, makers of highly-addictive semi-synthetic opioids.

The spoon (used by those suffering from addiction to ‘cook’ drugs) in this context symbolizes the suffering of the countless families decimated by Purdue’s actions and their contribution to the opioid crisis. Their wanton and criminally negiligent promotion and distribution of powerful opioid drugs directly resulted in tragedy on an unprecedented scale. The Spoon is both deeply personal and highly public, a monumental gesture wrought with intense emotion. .

Further such interventions were staged outside the headquarters of other key players in opioid crisis, including Rhodes Pharamaceutics, Johnson & Johnson and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Opioid Spoon Project remains dedicated to exposing and holding accountable all parties – individual and corporate – behind the plague of opioid addiction which has brutalised individuals, families and entire communities.

The Project also continues to inform the public and to give a voice to the grieving families behind the statistics.

The Honor Tour

In Summer 2019,The Opioid Spoon Project embarked on a multi-city “HONOR” tour. Domenic traveled along the East Coast with a specially created 800lb opioid spoon sculpture created to memorialize those who have lost their opioid addiction battles. At each location, friends and families of victims gathered to share their stories, support one another and memorialize their loved ones by signing the sculpture

The Opioid Spoon Editions

The artist has created three editions based on The Opioid Spoon, using various sculptural materials and techniques to examine different aspects of the Crisis.

The Bronze Edition, titled ‘Accountability’, bears a ‘stain’ that shines a light on the architects of the opioid crisis. The Nickel Plated Aluminium, entitled ‘Hope’ has had this stain removed, pointing to a future free from this hideous affliction.

The most recent of the Opioid Spoon Editions, created with Solid Cast Lead Crystal (at the highly regarded Studio of Corning Museum of Glass) is titled ‘Lucidity’. In this iteration, the work takes on a pensive clarity – where Elucidation and Opacity meet. It is highly symbolic of the deeply uncertain times in which we exist. It forms the perfect conclusion to a Trio of Editions which, when met, narrate a story of darkness and light, through the lens of a contemporary chiaroscuro.

100% of proceeds from any sales of the Spoon sculptures or editions benefit The Opioid Spoon Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit

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